Why Now Is the Time to Finally Sell Your Classic Car

December 13, 2021 | Classic Car

Shopping trends over the past year have shown consumers to be making nostalgic choices, and cars are no exception. Many expected this to be a slower year for collecting classic cars, but the opposite has proven to be true. What does that mean for you? Now is the best time to part with your classic car in order to get the best price you can get. Cash 4 Cars would be happy to pay you what your classic car is worth and simplify the whole process for you. Read on to find out why you should sell your classic car to us and how it works.

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Is Your Car Worth Repairing?

May 11, 2021 | Car Maintenance

In most cases, it’s less expensive to repair a car rather than buy a new one. However, just like all things, there are limits to that rule. Even if you love your car, and would hate to see it go, sometimes older cars just are not worth repairing. Today, at Cash 4 Cars, we’re discussing how to know when it’s time to sell your car rather than repair it.

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How to Spring Clean Your Garage

April 22, 2021 | Junk Cars

It’s that time of year again – spring cleaning! Many homeowners like to take advantage of the warming weather to deep clean their homes and complete outside projects that haven’t been worked on all winter. For many, that includes cleaning out the garage. Whether your garage is a cluttered mess, or it just needs some light organizing, now is the perfect time to tackle it. Read on for some tips from your friends at Cash 4 Cars.

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Is Selling Your Car Yourself a Good Idea?

March 2, 2021 | Junk Cars

When you’re ready to sell a car, there are multiple ways to do it. You could sell it yourself to a private buyer, you could trade it in to a dealership, or you could sell it to a company like Cash 4 Cars. Today, we’re discussing selling to private buyers and a few things you should consider before choosing this option.

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Can Your Car Handle a Spring Break Trip?

February 4, 2021 | Car Maintenance

Are you planning to get away for Spring Break this year? Maybe a nice road trip down to Florida to relax on the beach? If so, it’s very important to make sure your car is up to the task before you leave. Nothing ruins a road trip like car trouble, so before you hit the road, read through this list of signs your car isn’t running as it should, put together by your friends at Cash 4 Cars in Philadelphia.

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Top 3 Items for Successful Travel

January 8, 2021 | Philadelphia

Traveling requires preparation. Whether you are taking a family vacation, a solo getaway, or a business trip, there are items that you need to bring to make your trip easier and more comfortable. The more prepared you are, the less likely your travel plans will be ruined by the unexpected; and that means having everything you need before you leave. According to your friends at Cash 4 Cars, these are the must-have items to check out before you leave on your next road trip.

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A New Car for the New Year

December 10, 2020 | Free Towing

After quite a few Philadelphia seasons, your car is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. If you aren’t confident that it can make it through another winter, don’t wait until it’s on its last legs before getting a new one. Instead, bring your car to Cash 4 Cars in Philadelphia to sell your car quickly for cash. You will walk away with cash in hand to put towards your new car so you can start the New Year off right.

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Donate Your Car

November 17, 2020 | Donate Your Car

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to donate your car? The answer in most cases is yes! And even better, you can donate your car to Cash 4 Cars in Philadelphia with no paperwork, no hassle, and zero cost! Not only is donating a car a great way to give back to your community, it can also be quite beneficial to you! Read on to learn about the benefits of donating your car to Cash 4 Cars today.

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3 Unexpected Benefits from Cash 4 Cars

October 14, 2020 | Free Towing

Are you looking for the best way to get rid of your old car? Maybe it runs, maybe it doesn’t; but either way, it’s taking up space in your garage and you’re ready to say goodbye. There are a couple of different options to choose from: you could take your car to a dealership, sell it yourself, or take it to Cash 4 Cars. Listed below are just a few reasons why we believe Cash 4 Cars is the most beneficial.

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End of Summer Vacation Tips

September 4, 2020 | Philadelphia

Fall is on the horizon, and you might be getting that itch to take one last trip to enjoy the summer weather before it turns cold. The kids may or may not be back in school, but maybe you’d like to take them somewhere special for a weekend trip. At Cash 4 Cars, we understand. The school year is always so hectic, and you’re definitely ready for a break after these last few months. To make your planning a bit easier, consider these travel tips from our staff.

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