Are you planning to get away for Spring Break this year? Maybe a nice road trip down to Florida to relax on the beach? If so, it’s very important to make sure your car is up to the task before you leave. Nothing ruins a road trip like car trouble, so before you hit the road, read through this list of signs your car isn’t running as it should, put together by your friends at Cash 4 Cars in Philadelphia.

Can Your Car Handle a Spring Break Road Trip?

Multiple Warning Lights

When there is a serious problem with your car, it lets you know. However, most people fall into the temptation of ignoring the warning lights and hoping they’ll go away on their own. However, when your car starts alerting you, you need to take it seriously, especially before a long road trip. The most concerning of these warning lights are:

  • Low Engine Oil Pressure
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Warning
  • Charging System Warning
  • Flashing (not solid) Check Engine Light 
  • Tire Pressure Warning (TPMS)

Grinding or Squealing Brakes

Brake maintenance is of the utmost importance, as brakes tend to wear out fairly quickly. Often, we take our brakes for granted and ignore the warning signs until it becomes a bigger problem. However, if you hear grinding or squeaking when you press on your brakes, you need to get them looked at before heading out on your trip. Grinding or squeaking occurs when the braking material has worn out and is rubbing against the rotors, which is very dangerous.

Trouble Steering

Finally, along with failing brakes, trouble steering is one of the more dangerous problems you can have with your vehicle. The first steering signs show up with a slight pull to one side. Anytime that your vehicle doesn’t track in a straight line without a ton of effort, you want to have it looked at. Don’t ignore when your car jerks or begins to pull. In addition, any noise while making a turn is a sign to have things checked out.

If your vehicle isn’t up to a long road trip this spring, it might be time to sell it to Cash 4 Cars in Philadelphia and upgrade to a more reliable option. After performing a visual inspection and test drive, we’ll provide you with a competitive quote – it’s that easy! We can even come to you and tow an inoperable car to our facility, free of charge. Contact us today at (215) 805-3100 or get a quick quote online now.