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How It Works

Tired of dealing with questionable tactics in the automotive industry? Cash 4 Cars is changing the business for the better with our simple three-step process for selling your car in and nearby Philadelphia. We’ll give you the best value for your car, and you’ll leave with cash in hand. Call (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now.

At Cash 4 Cars, our motto is “The Easiest Way to Sell Your Car,” and we mean it. We’ve streamlined the process to make it fast, efficient, and secure.

How it Works Step 1

Step 1Tell Us About Your Car

Complete our online form or pick up the phone to call us at (215) 805-3100 with your vehicle information. You’ll instantly receive a quote.

How it Works Step 2

Step 2Schedule Your Appointment

Make an appointment to bring your drivable car to our local car buying center, or arrange a free tow for your junk vehicle.

How it Works Step 3

Step 3Get Paid

We’ll pay you on the spot! You’ll receive cash for your car the day you need it and won’t have to wait for a check in the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Cash 4 Cars, we receive lots of questions about our cash for cars policies in Philadelphia. Our desire is to help you get the best value for your car. Check out our list of frequently asked questions below. You can also call us at (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now.

We come up with our base number from the current used car market, which is known as Peak Market Value. After our inspection of the vehicle, we will make an offer based on PMV minus the current condition of the car. To put it in a simple equation: PMV – Condition = Price.

Are you ready to sell you car? We’re ready to buy it! Call us at(215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now for your car in the Philly area including Northeast Philadelphia, Levittown, and Bensalem.

Why Choose Cash 4 Cars?

You may be wondering why you should choose Cash 4 Cars, or how it all works. After years of working in the car business, this husband and wife team knew there was a better way to handle car sales — one that didn’t take advantage of the seller. They are a licensed dealership that utilizes a 3rd party salvage company to transport and pick-up salvage vehicles, to create Cash 4 Cars.

  • As a dealership, Cash 4 Cars is licensed with the state and therefore handles all the stringent legal rules Pennsylvania has put in place including title transfers and notarizations.
  • We use a 3rd party salvage company and offer towing to pick-up junk or wrecked cars, classic cars, or other non-running vehicles and transport them to our facility free of charge.
  • Finally, we founded our business on Christian principles. We operate with integrity: we are honest, honor our word, and offer fast, efficient service. You’ll see why we’re known for being the easiest way to sell your car in Philadelphia. Check out our FAQS if you have more questions.

Sell your car to the company you can trust — Cash 4 Cars. We serve Philadelphia including Bensalem, Levittown, and Northeast Philadelphia. Call (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now.