Cash for Drivable Cars & Trade-ins in Philadelphia

Cash for Drivable Cars & Trade-ins

At Cash 4 Cars, we pay cash for cars of all types including junkers or wrecked cars, classic cars, and newer vehicles. A good portion of our business, however, includes acquiring vehicles that are about 8 to 15 years old that are still drivable and in decent shape. If you’d like to receive cash in hand for an older but running vehicle, then call us at (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now. We are simply the easiest way to sell your car in Philadelphia.

Cash for Used Cars

When you decide to finally sell that car that has served you faithfully for many years, let us know. We offer a simple, three-step process that can often be completed in just one hour. Here’s how it works:

Cash for Cars Philadelphia Step 1

Step 1Get In Touch!

Tell us about your vehicle. Fill out our online form, or call (215) 805-3100.

Cash 4 Cars Philadelphia Step 2

Step 2Get Offer!

Arrange a free, no-obligation appraisal. We will even tow your car for free if necessary.

Cash for Used Cars Philadelphia Step 3

Step 3Get Paid On The Spot!

You’ll walk away with cash in hand. No waiting for checks or delayed payments.

That’s all there is to it. You’ll be on your way with cash in your pocket to use however you want.

Why Should You Choose Cash 4 Cars?

Our honest, speedy service is what we’re known for. We’ve been in the car business for a long time and have seen our fair share of people not get a good deal. We knew we could run our business in a way that would give customers the best value for their car in cash, and that’s what we’ve done.

The answer of why us becomes obvious when comparing our process to that of attempting a personal sale by running an online ad.

Get Cash for My Car in Philadelphia

Selling to Cash 4 Cars vs. Personal Buyer

Cash 4 Cars Personal Buyer
Get a quote online or over the phone. We pay what we say. Be prepared to negotiate the price.
Schedule a free, no-obligation appraisal. Run an ad; take numerous texts, phone calls, and emails.
Bring your car to our secure facility. Meet strangers at your home or other location. Arrange for test drive. Repeat process until vehicle sells.
Relax. As a licensed dealership, we handle all the paperwork, including instant title transfers. Hassle with numerous Pennsylvania legal requirements and title transfer at the DMV.
Receive immediate cash in hand from a reputable source. Collect money, cash, or cashier’s check from buyer.
Complete the sale in as little as one to two hours. Repost ad for days or weeks until the car sells.

The choice is clear. When “cash for my car” is your goal, save yourself the hassle and time by calling Cash 4 Cars at (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now. Integrity and efficiency are the foundation of all we do. Check out our FAQs for more information. We serve the Philadelphia area including Bensalem, Levittown, and Northeast Philadelphia.