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At Cash 4 Cars, we understand that selling your car can be a stressful, inefficient process. We made it our business to change that. What we came up with is simply the easiest way to sell your car in Philadelphia. To see how easy it is, call (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now.

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Call us at (215) 805-3100 for a quick quote, or simply fill out our online form! We buy any car, any condition.

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We’ll make you an instant offer over the phone, or if you fill out the form, we’ll email you a quote.

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Get cash now! No tricks, no hoops, no strings, and no waiting. You’ll leave with cash in hand.

We Buy Cars & Simplify the Process

The normal process of selling a car usually goes one of two ways:

  1. You decide to trade in your car at a dealership. The dealer gives you a certain amount of credit toward a new car purchase based on the perceived value of your current vehicle. You wonder if the amount of the credit truly represents its value.
  2. You decide to sell the car yourself and set up an online ad. You then have to deal with multiple calls, texts, or emails, as well as your concern about meeting strangers to have them test drive the car. Or, worse yet, you receive little or no response to your ad. The process can take days, weeks, or even months.
We turned “the normal process” on its head by combining the two business models for selling cars when we formed our company, which allows us to provide all the services you need in-house. In a matter of one to two hours, you’ll be saying “Sold!” as you head out the door.

Free Towing

What if the car you want to sell is a junk or wrecked car and doesn’t run, or it’s a drivable vehicle but without plates? No problem. We’ll tow your car to our location free of charge. We believe in an efficient process that makes it easy for our clients to do business with us.

How It Works

Our three-step process couldn’t be easier. You simply tell us about your car, schedule a free vehicle appraisal, and get paid. We handle the rest — at lightning speed. And if you decide you’d rather look elsewhere, no problem. We offer free, no-strings-attached appraisals.

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Accurate Quotes

Receive an accurate quote for your vehicle quickly, with no hassle or runaround.
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Have your quote within minutes, empowered to make an educated decision.
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We handle every transaction with honesty and integrity, and in a timely manner.
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Why Sell Your Vehicle to Cash 4 Cars?

It’s pretty straightforward why we’re the best way to sell your car in Philadelphia.

  • We buy any cars: junk cars, wrecked cars, classic cars, drivable vehicles, and newer cars.
  • We provide cash on the spot for vehicles.
  • As a licensed dealership, we handle all the paperwork including title work and notarization.
  • We work around your schedule.
  • We run our business on Christian principles; it’s our goal to handle every transaction with honesty and integrity in a speedy, efficient manner. We do what‘s right and help people get the maximum value for their vehicles.

Don’t dread selling your car. Call Cash 4 Cars at (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now to see how easy it can be. We serve Philadelphia and the surrounding areas including Levittown, Bensalem, and Northeast Philadelphia.