Are you looking for the best way to get rid of your old car? Maybe it runs, maybe it doesn’t; but either way, it’s taking up space in your garage and you’re ready to say goodbye. There are a couple of different options to choose from: you could take your car to a dealership, sell it yourself, or take it to Cash 4 Cars. Listed below are just a few reasons why we believe Cash 4 Cars is the most beneficial.

Unexpected Benefits of Choosing Cash 4 Cars

1. Save Time

Selling your car to a private buyer can be a long and tedious process. It involves writing an advertisement, posting it, and answering all of the calls from the lookie-loos. Calls from people without much money that hope you’ll take bottom dollar offers or even accept installment payments. It can take weeks or months to find a buyer who will pay you what your car is worth.

2. No Risk

Even if you find a qualified buyer to sell your car to, there is the hassle and trust involved with legally transferring the ownership title. A lot of things can go wrong if the title is not properly transferred in a timely manner. When you choose Cash 4 Cars, not only do you get a guaranteed buyer, you also get to work with a company you can trust. We founded our business on Christian principles. We operate with integrity: we are honest, honor our word, and offer fast, efficient service.

3. Save the Environment

Broken and old cars leak chemicals into our environment. If a car is sitting in your yard, it’s seeping fluids and chemicals into the property that will contaminate the ground for many years. Even if your old car is still running, chances are good that it is already leaking hazardous chemicals around your home. When you’re ready to sell, we’ll tow your car free of charge and recycle it through our scrap metal company.

Sell your car to the company you can trust, and reap these unexpected benefits. Cash 4 Cars serves Philadelphia, including the communities of Bensalem, Levittown, and Northeast Philadelphia. Contact us today at (215) 805-3100, or get a quick quote now.