In most cases, it’s less expensive to repair a car rather than buy a new one. However, just like all things, there are limits to that rule. Even if you love your car, and would hate to see it go, sometimes older cars just are not worth repairing. Today, at Cash 4 Cars, we’re discussing how to know when it’s time to sell your car rather than repair it.

Is Your Car Worth Repairing?

When the Repairs Cost More than the Car

When major problems arise with your car, you have a decision to make – repair or replace? Even if you have your finances in order and can repair the damage, it doesn’t make sense to pour more money into the car if it is no longer worth that amount. As your car gets older, it becomes more and more expensive to fix it, so it may actually save you money in the long run to upgrade to a newer, more reliable model. This is especially true if your car is not fully paid off and you’re making monthly payments as well as paying for frequent repairs.

When It’s No Longer Safe

Another reason to consider selling over repairing is if your older vehicle is no longer compatible with today’s safety standards. In fact, safety standards evolve so quickly that even a car that’s only ten years old might not be as safe as you think. Newer models come with features such as anti-lock brakes, lane centering assists, and hands-free Bluetooth technology, making modern cars safer than ever. So if your older car needs repairs, you might consider selling it and getting yourself in a newer, safer car.

When You’re Uncomfortable

Finally, it may be time to replace your car when you start to feel uncomfortable trusting it. Maybe it’s making strange noises or will randomly stall while in traffic. Maybe the issues you see aren’t serious ones, but you just don’t feel like you can rely on it for long trips. If you find yourself holding your breath every time you get behind the wheel, it’s probably time to upgrade your vehicle to one you can depend on.

While it may be hard to know when to sell your old car, walking away with cash certainly has its advantages. To find out more about selling a car to Cash 4 Cars in Philadelphia, contact us today at (215) 805-3100. We can tell you more about our cash-for-cars process and answer all your questions, or you can request a free quote online.