Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to donate your car? The answer in most cases is yes! And even better, you can donate your car to Cash 4 Cars in Philadelphia with no paperwork, no hassle, and zero cost! Not only is donating a car a great way to give back to your community, it can also be quite beneficial to you! Read on to learn about the benefits of donating your car to Cash 4 Cars today.

Donate Your Car

Give Back

Our team at Cash 4 Cars has partnered with the Philadelphia Kensington Outreach Center, a local community center whose mission is to empower men, women, and children to attain their fullest potential as individuals and as members of our community. They do this through a variety of services, such as street outreach, supportive counseling, the food bank, and other comprehensive services.

Tax Deductible

For many people, the biggest draw of car donation is that car donations to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations are tax deductible. We will issue you a tax receipt after your donation is accepted. This allows you to claim a deduction on the following year’s taxes. Because we keep our process in house, we cut out the extra costs often incurred by other charities. This means a higher percentage of your donation goes to help those in need, and you still get a great tax deduction!

It’s Easy!

Selling your car online can be disappointing, not to mention dangerous. You never know who’s going to show up to look at your vehicle and whether they’ll try to rip you off. Donating your car, truck, or SUV can benefit you as much as a sale, but without any of the hassle! No matter where you are in and around Philadelphia, Cash 4 Cars will tow away your vehicle for free. That saves space on your property and makes a huge impact within your local community!

Founded on Christian principles, Cash 4 Cars is dedicated to helping you maximize the value of your vehicle and then giving that back to you as cash in hand. Donate your car to the company you can trust. We serve Philadelphia including BensalemLevittown, and Northeast Philadelphia. Contact us today at (215) 805-3100 or click “I want to donate my car” to get started.