Winters in Philadelphia can range from mild to severe. However, this year the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that Pennsylvania will see warmer temperatures, but precipitation will be above normal with the snowiest periods occurring mid-to-late January. High precipitation means slick roads and a high risk of ice, so our team at Cash 4 Cars knows it’s the time to prepare.

Safe Winter Cars

Driving This Winter

If conditions will be as snowy and slippery as predicted, will you have a safe vehicle to drive? Perhaps it’s time to sell your car and purchase a vehicle made to handle inclement weather. According to an article by Trusted Choice, these are the top four picks:

  1. Subaru Outback: The crowning feature of this SUV is its high-quality, all-wheel drive. It grips the road better than most vehicles.
  2. Audi A4: The Audi quattro® all-wheel drive delivers extra power to the wheels that need it most. It also has a lower center of gravity.
  3. Honda CR-V: The CR-V doesn’t come standard with all-wheel drive, but because the base model is so affordable, it isn’t difficult to add that feature. It also comes with improved suspension, a more powerful engine, and responsive handling. 
  4. Volvo V90 Cross Country: The V90 is ideal for winter roads. It comes standard with a powerful engine, all-wheel drive, and a higher ride height. 

Cash for Cars

If you’re wondering, “Where can I sell my car so I can buy a new one?”, Cash 4 Cars is the answer. Located in Philadelphia, we buy used cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles. We make it easy for you to get cash for your car; we don’t even require an appointment. Simply bring in your car and we’ll give you a fast, competitively-priced estimate. Contact us today at (215) 805-3100 with any questions. We look forward to serving you.