If you have a vehicle that no longer runs, it might be time to sell it. Maybe you want to get rid of it because having a rusty vehicle in your front lawn doesn’t exactly raise your home’s value. Or perhaps some disgruntled neighbors have shown up with a copy of your neighborhood’s HOA rules. At Cash 4 Cars, we understand, so whatever your motivation for selling may be, we’ve listed three ways (along with their pros and cons) to turn your “lawn art” into cash for your car.

Options for Selling Your Junk Car

1. For Sale By Owner

  • Pros: You can set the exact sale price that you want.
  • Cons: This is can be a time-intensive process that requires advertising and taking the time to communicate with potential buyers. If you’re in need of cash or your HOA is threatening a fine, this may not be the best option.

2. Sell It for Parts

  • Pros: If you want to sell a car, sometimes you can get more money by selling the car’s parts individually than you can by just selling the whole car.
  • Cons: Again, you’ll need to advertise yourself, and it often takes a long time to find people who want the specific parts. Additionally, you may end up with several pieces that no one wants, and that you’ll still have to dispose of.

3. Cash 4 Cars

  • Pros: Cash 4 Cars will take any vehicle in any condition, even if it doesn’t run. We will tow it for free if you are within the city limits of Philadelphia and surrounding counties! Additionally, our process can be completed same day, making it the fastest option by far. 
  • Cons: The price for junk cars will be based on the scrap metal market. So, there is always the possibility that you won’t agree with our quote. However, our quotes come with no strings attached – you are free to accept it, or not.  

If you are ready to earn quick, easy money for your junk car, contact Cash 4 Cars today! We offer fast, reliable services at the best prices, and we mean it when we say it’s the easiest way to sell your car. Contact us for a free quote on your vehicle by calling (215) 805-3100 today.