The weather in Philadelphia is so beautiful during the summer months that most people love rolling their windows down and feeling the breeze. However, between long road trips and the commute to work, the summer heat can take a toll on your vehicle. Before planning your summer vacation in your car, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle isn’t going to break down on the road. Our team at Cash 4 Cars wants to help you be prepared with these summer maintenance tips.

Summer Car Maintenance Tips

1. Check Your Tires

The most common mistake a car owner will make is overlooking the tires. In fact, Rubber Manufacturers Association found that only one out of 10 drivers checks his or her tire pressure properly. Tires that are worn, misaligned, or incorrectly inflated can be extremely hazardous for drivers, especially during the summer. Check your tire pressure, or let a local mechanic do it for you.

2. Change the Oil

If you’re going on vacation this summer, your car will accumulate a lot of mileage. Since most owners’ manuals recommend that drivers change their oil every 7,500 miles, it’s a good idea to check your oil before you go on an extended road trip.

3. Change the Windshield Wipers

The summertime may bring sunshine to Philadelphia, but along with that comes harsh thunderstorms. When you’re stuck on the road during a massive rainstorm, it’s important to have windshield wipers that really work. Remember, winter storms may have damaged your wipers, so don’t wait to invest in some new blades.

Cash 4 Cars

As you prepare your car for summer, you may realize that it’s actually time to sell it. Maybe you want a fuel-efficient model or a more reliable vehicle. Whatever the reason, Cash 4 Cars will make the car-selling process easy by offering a quick, accurate quote. Selling a car has never been this simple! You won’t have to deal with the unpredictability of private buyers, and more importantly, you’ll have the instant gratification of cash in your hands. To learn more, contact us today at (215) 805-3100 to receive a free quote.